*LSK Roundup 11.24.2013*

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week Lazy Sunday welcomes Paige Meriadoc of Cutiecakes to the Lazy Sunday family! Cutiecakes specializes in clothes, shoes and accessories for Toddleedoo. As I’m writing this, I’ve added Cutiecakes to the store list. Please be sure … Continue reading

*LSK Roundup 11.10.2013*

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, Lazy Sunday welcomes Imani Moseley of ForeverYoung to its family. As I’m writing this, I have updated the store roster found here. Now, onto the cuteness! Look down there ↓

*Lazy Sunday Kids Roundup 11.3.2013*

Happy Sunday, everyone! Melanie reporting in with the weekly cuteness! I won’t say too much as I’m kind of a zombie right now. Good thing Daylight Savings Time is over 😀 Anyway, on to the real reason you’re here Please … Continue reading

*LSK Roundup 10.20.2013*

Good Morning everyone, and Happy Sunday! This week, Lazy Sunday Kids welcomes 3 new stores into the roster: Kaysha’s Closet//Kaysha Yootz, #hashtag//mikeyhayden, and free bird//Cortez Brandriss. I’ve updated the store list again with SLurls for the new stores. If you … Continue reading