*LSK Roundup* 3.24.2013

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope your day is going great so far!

This week we accepted 3 new stores into Lazy Sunday:

Daisies & Denim (Daisyrrose Guardian), Ello Poppet (dork Melodie), and Peekabee (Laila Titian).

Be sure to check out all the cuteness all below! :3

*Please click images to enlarge*


Auras001 Auras002
Baby Pie

Baby Pie

Cupcake Co.

Cupcake Co
Daisies & Denim*NEW*

Daisies and Denim
Ello Poppet*NEW

Ello Poppet


Little Bits Inc

Little Bits Inc
Oh Daisies Children’s Boutique

Oh Daisies

Petite Bowtique

Petite Bowtique

Princess Couture

Princess Couture
Rae’s Goodies

Rae's Goodies
Say Cheese

Say Cheese
{s.o} cute

so cute so cute

Tiddlybits Homes


Also, if you haven’t had a chance to drop by {Heritage} Adoption Agency for the Easter Egg Hunt, better hurry and do so! The hunt will end next Sunday. Items are 10L


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